Why The Pandemic Created Massive Opportunities For Digital Marketers

Why The Pandemic Created Massive Opportunities For Digital Marketers

Opportunities for digital marketers are based upon need.  The Pandemic has created a gross amount of need in several key areas. Right now, businesses are juggling a range of new priorities and challenges. They’ve been turned upside down and are at risk. Sudden changes in volume. Real-time decision-making in never before situations. Workforce productivity. Security risks, for those whom are transitioning to  conducting business online. Production disruptions. Demand shifts…

The Overall Immediate Challenge: Operating in a completely new reality. There’s several areas that are in great need. From need, comes tremendous opportunities for digital marketers. This article will briefly cover the 3 biggest areas businesses have as a result of the Pandemic. However first, let’s cover the #1 skill that will always be in high demand.

The Number One Skill That Provides Opportunities For Digital Marketers

Amidst every single one of the high demand needs is one single skill that will never be minimized…even as Artificial Intelligence develops. That skill is HIGH CONVERTING Ad Copy.  The reason it’ll survive the advancement of technology is because AI will never be able to tap into what’s needed for HIGH CONVERSIONS.  The very center of lucrative opportunities for digital marketers is centered around being able to evoke emotion and prompt conversions.  Each crucial need right now includes the ability to produce stellar ad copy. Remember that as you read through the various needs.

Okay, onto the most in demand needs that businesses have as a result of the Pandemic…

1.  The Need For Systems

supply chain disruptions

Businesses are at risk because their old systems & processes were completely shut down or interrupted. Examples: Supply chain disruptions.
Customer touch points – particularly for brick and mortar businesses. The unavailability of critical resources. Gaps in business continuity protocols.

There were very little emergency procedures or protocols in place for a Global Pandemic of this size, so absolutely everything came to a halt or simply won’t work for the change we’ve experienced. Then you have surges in transaction volumes.

EXAMPLES: a shift from physical to digital purchasing or unexpected declines in demand for certain goods because of the shut down, or the increase in demand for other goods.

Monitoring, reporting, and decision-making with real-time data to respond to immediate business needs is greatly lacking.

Workforce productivity challenges due to employees working remotely, associated with connectivity and security.
Security risks. Fraud is at an all time high right now. Systems are being hacked at an exorbitant rate because millions have gone online to conduct business, exchange sensitive data, take online payments and maintain communication without having the security measures in place to combat fraud and hackers.

digital marketing opportunites


2.  Customer Support & Internet Securityopportunities for digital marketers

Customer Support:

Many businesses need a customer service system or a call center; Write the scripts for the employees of call centers based upon the calls coming in.

EX: Internet call centers have certain steps the support person walks you through in order to help – companies are going to need this a lot in the future. Well now you have call centers for insurance, welfare, medical symptoms, child support, loans etc.

If you’re a writer, you could contact any business who’s had to transition to phone calls and simply get a list of their most common
inquiries and write scripts, or steps for the phone employees to walk them through to improve efficiency.

opportunities for digital marketers Already established call centers likely already have this in place. However, the NEED for ‘live’ assistance presently and in the future is tremendous. Preferably, live humans.

Companies have had to move at an unprecedented speed on how contact centers are leveraged, and they’re going to need to provide excellent service. This encompasses how employees serve customers. Also, where they work, because a lot of them are working from home and can’t be connected directly to the customer.

During times of crisis, contact centers are crucial. Customers prefer live interaction
when they want answers to urgent and complex issues.


Internet Security:

Internet Security

The security risks aren’t just at the point of sale. It’s beyond that.

Confidential email communications for the government workers working at home right now. Documents, plans, proposals etc.  are all at risk of being seen by hackers or competitors. Online meetings not having secure networks. Government & judicial hearings. The risks are endless, and we’re probably not even aware of all of them at this point. More will come to light.

Now this area may need in depth training as time goes on. But even right now, today, there’s resources out there that cost no money. You can just research and find ways to help add layers of security for businesses.

Go to homeland security site or https://cyberdegrees.org.  They have tons of resources and training that is free. It will help you learn how to set up a secure WiFi & network connections. Or how to secure devices. Also, how to build secure networks and systems. There’s free help as well as paid and certified opportunities.

Learning this skill is a gold mine because even after the Pandemic, economists are predicting that many businesses will continue to
conduct many of their business dealings online. Cyber Security is paramount in the years to come, but once again, the Pandemic has
expedited the need and exploited the lack of online security. One thing for sure though: if you’re able to find ONE skill regarding
Cyber Security and gain enough knowledge to improve or enhance a security system, you have a HIGHLY needed skill that you can begin
marketing and build upon for years.

3.  Distribution & E Commerceopportunities for digital marketers


Now more than ever, the supply chain is critical. Companies need to supply goods and services quickly, safely and securely.

So these companies need someone who knows how to leverage the digital aspect and analytics to manage supply chain disruptions. They also need to identify ways to combat the disruption, and quickly develop a tactical plan for delivering goods and services.

Internet experts are predicting that home delivery…goods AND grocery, including perishable goods, will continue to rise Post-Pandemic. As this develops, specialty producers will want to jump in. This encompasses small businesses as well as large manufacturers.opportunities for digital marketers

So we’re talking about the gluten-free snacks company in California that was forced to resort to online sales during Quarantine.  Their reach multiplied online, but they need a delivery system for beyond local locations. Even before the Pandemic, there was a small portion of these types of businesses who got smart and set up a system for being able to ship to other states within 2-24 hours. Especially for perishable items. But it’s a very small portion of businesses.

This is going to vastly multiply in our new normal. For example you have Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. They were already doing this but the Pandemic has compounded the desire for fresh product to be delivered right to your door.


E Commerce:

opportunities for digital marketers

Newly formed buying  behaviors are likely to remain after the crisis has passed. This presents opportunities. Most businesses now need to re-prioritize their digital commerce focus.

The biggest example are the retailers whom are rallying to provide ‘contactless’ delivery and curb-side pick-up services for consumers. First, restaurants began offering ‘contactless’ delivery. A few weeks later, the car dealerships followed suit. Then the pesticide companies. It’s a domino effect that’s just beginning. Countless digital marketing opportunities lurk within creative marketing such as this.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is rapidly accelerating the digital commerce pivot globally. So when you come across a local business who is
struggling,  (if you look, you’ll find one within 10 minutes) you want to look at HOW you can help them implement online services
and/or purchasing as well as how those services can be delivered ‘contactless.’

To Sum It Up

digital marketing opportunities

Specific Work Force Needs:

The major impacts of COVID-19 are the need to manage an immediate shift to remote digital operations along with preparing for higher rates of sick leave…because when employees have one tiny symptom or have been around someone who tests positive for COVID, it’s an instant red flag and they’re asked to leave work. This will continue to occur for months after Quarantine. Probably until a vaccine is accessible to everyone.

What they need is help in creating an Elastic Digital Workplace. Implementations will differ for each organization, but you want to base them on the following foundations:

  • Protect and empower the employees
  • Serve their customers’ core needs
  • Establish & maintain business continuity or flow

EXAMPLE:  The healthcare industry has now evolved to ‘virtual care’ messaging practices.  This is a trending, growing need.

Where To Specifically Focus:opportunities for digital marketers

During this time, you want to find ways of working to help to reduce potential revenue loss, forge new levels of trust with their workforce, and position businesses for renewed growth once the pandemic subsides.

EXAMPLE:  Banks:  Social distancing restrictions will push customers toward digital channels for service. This will significantly increase the need for a connected,responsive team. What type of call service can you help banks set up? What type of social media campaign can you implement for them? How can you redesign their site to be more user friendly? Use the skills you already possess and leverage the needs of these businesses.

Ongoing Pandemic Recovery Help & Support

As we transition out of Quarantine, Micro Videos Facebook Group will be providing the latest updates. Training, lives, hacks, tips and support will be available on a continued basis in an effort to leverage the opportunities for digital marketers. The potential is tremendous. Be sure to join today.  If you have any questions, don’t ever hesitate to reach out.  The opportunity is there, and YOU CAN build a successful business.  Click the link above or the image below and join today. opportunities for digital marketers


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