3 Types of Services:


Video Marketing System set up & management

Batch or campaign video creation

Full scale hands-off social media management

Other customized services specific to your business


Content / Social Media Strategy

Specialty Videos – For Sales Pages & Funnels (animated, whiteboard, special effects, captioning & more)

Video SEO, Keywords, Hashtag, Audience & Competitor Research

 Targeted Messages & CTAs


MicroVideos Online is structured in tiers to accommodate all budgets.

  1. Free training to get you started making money with video
  2. Full 3-6 month coaching program to set up a lucrative video marketing system & begin outsourcing
  3. Monthly or Consulting services to help you continue to scale.

Let’s face it, as an agency, it’s almost impossible to structure a package that fits your budget and your business needs. Our desire is to solve the problems you have so that you can grow. The best way to do that, is by determining which areas you struggle with most & solving those issues on a budget you can afford. Contact Lynn to find out EXACTLY what fits your business on YOUR budget.