Value Bomb! Free Script to Help You Customize Your Site Based on UTM Parameters (Thank You Bojan!) [Video]

Here's the original video that talks about how to use UTM parameters to customize your on site content:'s the free script from Bojan:🔔 SUBSCRIBE for more videos: Videos:Why isn't my Google Ads campaign performing?! - 6 sneaky ways to use paid traffic to steal from your competitors - to calculate your profit inside of Google Ads - Ads Playlist: 8 is a global authority in the Google Ads space and one of the world's leading PPC agencies. Our YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing our most effective marketing strategies to help you achieve your business goals.If you're looking for the best PPC strategies, tutorials, tips, tricks, hacks, best practices, and REAL case studies, all built around teaching you how to grow your business, you are in the right place! Don't forget to Subscribe!WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH US?Visit our website to get to know us better and sign up for Free Action Plan -⬇️ You can find us here ⬇️:Website:

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Getting started with Google Analytics 4 [Video]

We’re waving goodbye to Google Analytics and saying hello to Google Analytics 4, or GA4. Known previously as App+Web, GA4 offers several key upgrades, including a redesigned user interface and supercharged tracking across your web and app properties.Join Nick Comber, Director, Training (Analytics & GMP) for a short webinar highlighting the new features and options, and get expert advice on your switch to GA4.This course uses content from our Google Analytics 4 Training course.Key Takeaways:Know the key differences between Google Analytics Universal and GA4.Learn how to set up GA4 for your companyDiscover how to set up and create reports to measure your objectives and KPIs.AgendaGoogle Analytics Universal versus GA4Getting GA4 set-upReporting basicsUsing GA4s Analysis Hub

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Why Google Analytics is Compulsory in Today’s Digital Marketing Era? [Video]

Google Analytics is your ultimate tracking tool. It can monitor the effectiveness of online marketing methods, like SEO campaigns. It can track the traffic various pieces of on-site content (like blog posts) and videos get.

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10 Marketing Tools We Are Grateful to Have in 2021 – Musselwhite Marketing [Video]

http://www.MusselwhiteMarketing.com10 Marketing Tools for 2021(951) 291-1774In this issue of Clicks Magazine we cover 10 digital marketing tools for 2021. For the full article, Get Your Clicks Magazine - Marketing is an Ontraport Certified Partner holding several DigitalMarketer certifications.We know and understand that as a Business Owner or an Executive it is your job and responsibility to implement systems and processes to BUILD and GROW your business!ONTRAPORT is billed as the world’s most powerful visual marketing automation and CRM platform in the world, and we agree! Which is why we made the the investment of time, energy and money to earn the distinct designation of being ONE of less than 200 Certified Ontraport Partners!Combining Ontraport and DigitalMarketer certifications empowers us to take the guesswork and secrets out of digital marketing to help make business growth available to EVERYONE. If you’re a Business Owner or an Executive, we can show you how to implement effective digital marketing campaigns that drive more traffic, sales, and profit for your company. Best of all, we know our advice works because we actually DO this stuff for a living.We wrote the book 7-Pillars of Digital Marketing which focuses on: Website Content Email Online ads Video Social Media Reviews & TestimonialsWhether your goal is to get more clients, improve client retention, or generate more revenue from the clients you already have, the TEAM at Musselwhite Marketing is ready to roll up our sleeves and go to work for you!There's a veritable plethora of tips, tricks, books, best practices etc... that all promise success but which ones are best for you? One size does not fit all. You need to build a custom toolbox of actions and strategies that allow you to share your message using the right media for the right market.Business owners and Entrepreneurs must focus on strategic growth to achieve success. Don't be distracted by the secret sauce, magic formulas and overnight success promises that are prevalent today. Growing a successful business takes work and there's a lot more to running a business than just showing up and doing the work. If you've been in business for any length of time and have experienced some level of success, realize that what got you here won't take you to the next level. As business owners we've been in the trenches. As students of marketing we know what's working, what isn't and what's coming. Our focus is on helping you grow a successful business. Contact Linda and Charles for their experience with: Marketing Consulting Marketing Services Speaking, Training and Workshops Click Here To Subscribe! My Business by http://www.MusselwhiteMarketing.com Marketing Tools for 2021

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How To Use Views In Google Analytics [Video]

Google Analytics has a thing called a View. Views are under Properties. Marketers should think of Views like dashboards. You can filter your website and marketing data within Google Analytics up to 25 times per Property. Think of Properties as websites or apps.

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