Website Design and Development | Digital Main Street [Video]

Thank you for your interest in Digital Main Street and the Digital Transformation Grant program. The program has been able to provide over 3800 main street small businesses support with their digital expansion. The portal is now closed, however the digital assessment and all online training modules will continue to be an available resource for your business.

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I love Youtube. | #Shorts [Video]

Here's why I love Youtube. #ShortsHere's the #1 tool I use to grow my channel: Behind the Brand and Subscribe! to the Podcast our email group to hear about special events and announcements https://BehindtheBrand.tvHere are my personal favorite Behind the Brand playlists:1. Behind the Brand full-length episodes: The BEST advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs: 5 Minutes or less with some of the smartest people on the planet Get Behind the Brand on...Instagram: business inquiries: 1goodbrain@gmail.comSee my film and commercial production work here:

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