Digital Marketing Institute | Become a Member & join our global community [Video]

Gain access to our award-winning resource of exclusive and practical digital marketing news, content, webinars, tools, templates, and courses. Stay up to date and interact with 120k+ members through our forums.Join now!: do you get as a Power Member?When you join, you'll gain exclusive access to myDMI, our innovative membership platform. This thriving platform is a rich resource of constantly updated digital marketing content including:- Premium Content- Courses- Community- Continuous Professional Development (CPD)- Webinars- Course DiscountsAbout the Digital Marketing InstituteThe Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing education, producing more graduates trained to a single digital marketing standard than any other certification body.The Digital Marketing Institute works with global digital experts and leaders to define the skills and qualifications required by today’s digital marketing professionals, certifying candidates to Diploma, Postgraduate, and Masters levels all over the globe.Website - - - - -

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How to Conduct a Social Media Audit [Video]

In this blog I'm going to share with you how you conduct a social media audit.We're at the early stages of the year and you should be thinking about your social media strategy.But you can't truly undertake a social media strategy until you've completed your social media audit.So what's involved?

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Elma Smit on her book Become an Influencer [Video]

Elma Smit, Author, Content Creator, Radio & TV host on her book Become an Influencer which shares the authors lessons from monetising her own social media profiles, but also on the conversations she had with other notable influencers and influencer marketing specialists in the ad business to find out what works, what doesn't and what advertising specialists look for in selecting influencers for paid campaigns.See for privacy information.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps [Video]

Need a better social media strategy that leads to conversions and sales? Wondering how to naturally accelerate the path to conversion? Facebook marketing expert Dana Malstaff explains how to build buzz and anticipation for products and services on Facebook. You’ll find a five-step promotion plan you can put into action today to handle objections and change people’s mindset so they’re ready to buy when you begin selling. You’ll also get tips for engaging your audience in the process of promoting your products and services. Finally, you’ll learn about three mistakes that can kill conversions.🔔 Subscribe for More Social Media Marketing Tactics --🚀 Visit Dana’s Channel for More Marketing Tips-- 🎧 Subscribe to The Social Media Marketing Podcast--💡 Wondering How Fellow Marketers Are Using Social Media? -- Download our Industry Report: Intro00:35 What Are You Building Buzz For?00:58 Identify Gaps and Objections01:59 Decision/Support Questions02:40 Build Authority03:18 Use Inline Mentions04:00 Mistakes to Avoid04:57 Additional Resources#SocialMediaMarketing #FacebookMarketing #BuildBuzz

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